Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things we miss about Huntsville...

Well, we are still adjusting to life in Florence. Rodney and I met in Florence and of course my parents, aunt and cousin were here to make our move a little easier. It's hard to believe we've been here since October 2007. We are house hunting each day and hope to find one really soon. A 2-bedroom apartment is about to drive us all crazy. The kids and I get try to find plenty of things to do outside of the apartment - like swimming at the Y, reading and playing on the Thomas table at Books-a-Million (while I catch up on all the celebrity gossip -Ha), going to all the parks in our area, feeding fish and ducks, oh and visiting the Pet Store. We cannot wait for the new water pad to open up by the Marriott - on pretty days, you'll probably catch us there (till we have a backyard of our own).

We love to eat mom's hamburgers and homemade fries (did that last night) - Thanks mom! Eating at mom and dad's is a probably a favorite of ours. We miss so many of the good food places in Huntsville. Little Rosie's (Joshua and Marah's favorite) before Wednesday night church-yummo! McAlister's - a huge favorite of mine and Jason's Deli (where you can get free icecream with your meal). Florence could use one of those places. Then there is Red Robin & Cheeburger Cheeburger. We love those too. It wasn't too long ago Joshua asked if Florence had a Cheeseburger Cheeseburger and I said, "no." He said," what about a French Fry, French Fry!"

Then of course, what we miss most about Huntsville - the people!

I am still learning about all this posting stuff and have not mastered inserting pictures with the names under them, so please forgive me for all the pictures in different places. I will try to let you know who is in each picture from the top-to-bottom, left-to-right.

At the very top was our Huddle Group (9th graders) from Mayfair.

Then we have our class from Mayfair - the Homebuilder guys! My sister Brooke and her family is next - Thomas, Camden, Carter & Caley. Beside their family picture is Joshua with his "best buds" - Camden & Carter.

My brother Ben and his beautiful and famous family - Anna and the "Morrow Triplets" - Abbie, Bailey & Noah.

On the right, is the all the Homebuilder Girls

Marah's best friend -Caley (they are only 3 months apart)

Rodney's brother Ryan and his wife Kellie, and their dog 'Jake'

Well, I went to preview all this and the pictures moved around AGAIN. Sorry for all of that...maybe you can figure out who everyone is - I'm tired! Anyways....All of this to say...

Florence is a good place for us right now - it's where the Lord wants us to be! We just want all these special people to know that we miss them and love them very much.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baseball & Gymnastics...

Well, it's time to play baseball and Joshua is so excited - this is is favorite sport. He wears a St.Louis Cardinals baseball shirt and white baseball pants almost every day of the week. We thought he would be playing t-ball, but actually he gets 3 balls on a pitching machine first, and if he does not hit one of those, they put a tee on the plate. So, he says he is playing "actual baseball, not t-ball." He got his uniform yesterday at practice and couldn't wait to get home and try it on. He can't wait to get his uniform dirty Saturday. The sad thing about Saturday and his first ever baseball game is that mommy will be in Birmingham. My cousin Cortney's lingerie shower was planned a while ago, so I will miss his first game - awwww!! I'm sure he will be so excited about playing that he will not remember anyways (I hope).

And Marah has started Gymnastics at the YMCA. It's free and not a big deal at all, but at least she is able to be a part of something. She can't wait for t-ball next year and soccer. One of her gymnastic coaches looks like Jessa (a friend from college). They are doing frontward and backward rolling flips and starting to show them how to do handstands and back handsprings. She loves it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Girl!

This is our 20 week ultrasound of our baby girl Macy Brooke! Marah was so excited to find out it was a baby sister and poor Joshua was devastated. It broke my heart when the tears started to well up in his eyes (he was hoping for a baby brother). But we know that he will be a great big brother to both of our girls. He is mommy's little man and he will be even more special now that he will be our only son.
I am little behind in the blogging world, but hope to stay on top of things. My new blog layout is almost finished, so hopefully I will be more determined to keep everyone informed of what is going on in our lives.
We are getting so busy it seems like. I know everyone is! Joshua has started practicing baseball, Marah is doing gymnastics and we are coaching an Upward Soccer team and don't let me forget - Rodney is playing on a softball team as well. We have lots of fun ahead of us.