Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A few days of summer and a new haircut

Macy loves to ride
The girls love to make brownies for this reason...
The kids were having a little fun with one of the puppies.  They thought it needed to swing for a little bit.
Marah and Biscuit
Marah decided months and months ago she wanted to grow her hair out and give it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  This program is a lot like Locks of Love.  They make wigs from donated hair.  It takes about 8 pieces from different people to actually make a wig.  We decided to go with Pantene because 8 inches was required instead of the 10 inches for Locks of Love.  This is a shot of her before...
Joshua could not resist - he had to try one out
and after...

Monday, June 21, 2010

The 3 of them

It is kind of hard to believe I snapped this picture of the 3 of them without Biscuit.  They have been inseparable since we brought him home.  We borrowed my dad's truck to go to Moulton to visit Pappy for Father's Day - the truck was to bring back the other 3 puppies.  Rodney's dad made a deal with me.  He told me he would pay me to sell the other 3 puppies, so we loaded them up and have 4 puppies in our backyard.  We will see how it goes:)  The kids are loving it of course and Biscuit doesn't even want to come in the house anymore - he would rather play with his brothers and sister. 
We were able to go to church in Moulton last night and Joshua and Marah asked to ride in the back of the truck from church to Mimi and Pappy's house (not far).  So we said sure.  I remember those days at my grandparents getting to ride in the back of the truck.  So we told them to hold on and off we went.  After we pulled up at their house, I had to snap a picture of them in the back of the truck.  Don't worry, Macy was not riding in the back and Joshua and Marah rode sitting down:) 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our new puppy - Biscuit

So here he is...our newest addition Biscuit! 

Rodney and I have been putting off and putting off the kids idea of wanting a dog.  Neither one of us were ready for the responsibiliy that went along with caring for a dog, but we decided a few weeks ago it was time.  We drove to Moulton and picked him up yesterday.  Rodney's mom and dad have Biscuit's mom (Sweet Pea) and have been taking care of the 9 puppies since they have been born.  Biscuit is a Basset Hound - the type of dog with the long ears:)  They seem pretty low maintenance - we hoped - but what dog is low maintenance.  Any type of dog requires attention.  And our kids are sure giving it some attention.  They have fallen in love!
He will be an OUTSIDE dog and will be allowed inside at times.  He needs to be potty trained NOW for those times he will be allowed inside.
Macy loves him!  But this picture was from 2 weeks ago.  He has grown so much that she can barely pick him up (which is a very good thing).  Hopefully Biscuit will survive all the things Macy is doing to her.

This is Sweet Pea - Biscuit's momma
Joshua adores the new puppy.  I think it was just what he needed to satisfy his longing for the baby brother he will never have.
And as for Marah - she is the little momma that loves to take care of him and make sure he has everything he needs - just like she has always done for Macy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Huntsville Rockets

Joshua was able to play with his cousins this past weekend in a baseball tournament.  He was so excited to play with Camden and Carter and we had so much fun watching the boys play ball together.
Good times!  Go Huntsville Rockets!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Somebody got a new bed...

So we decided to move Macy to a toddler bed and she LOVES it!  We had a rough first night with her crying at the gate, but since then she has done great.  We say 'bed time' and she takes off for her bed.  It is something she can call her own since big brother and big sister have their own big beds.
I found the exact same bedding that Marah has on her bed in the toddler size so we could not resist.  It was a nice transition for her.
Macy with "lambie pie"
Joshua and Marah brought lambie pie to the hospital for her when she was born.

The next morning