Monday, June 21, 2010

The 3 of them

It is kind of hard to believe I snapped this picture of the 3 of them without Biscuit.  They have been inseparable since we brought him home.  We borrowed my dad's truck to go to Moulton to visit Pappy for Father's Day - the truck was to bring back the other 3 puppies.  Rodney's dad made a deal with me.  He told me he would pay me to sell the other 3 puppies, so we loaded them up and have 4 puppies in our backyard.  We will see how it goes:)  The kids are loving it of course and Biscuit doesn't even want to come in the house anymore - he would rather play with his brothers and sister. 
We were able to go to church in Moulton last night and Joshua and Marah asked to ride in the back of the truck from church to Mimi and Pappy's house (not far).  So we said sure.  I remember those days at my grandparents getting to ride in the back of the truck.  So we told them to hold on and off we went.  After we pulled up at their house, I had to snap a picture of them in the back of the truck.  Don't worry, Macy was not riding in the back and Joshua and Marah rode sitting down:) 


Julie Young said...

Girl don't you even think about bringing any of those puppies to my house! Even though Luke would LOVE them!

Melodie said...

That is so funny! You've got a bunch of Biscuits at your house, huh?! Sweet pic! Good luck!