Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten 2009

My precious little man! He was more excited about his new tennis shoes than anything. He popped right out of bed this morning and got ready all by himself.
This is his second first day of Kindergarten, so this time is a little more real for me. Rodney and I chose to send him on last year with the intentions to send him twice. He has an August 20 birthday, so he turned 5 a few weeks after he started last year. He was definitely ready to go last year and we played it by ear. We knew it would be a hard decision in the end and let me just say, I feel like it has been one of the hardest decisions so far. With only harder ones to come in the future, making decisions that will affect your child's future can make you shed lots of tears and lose lots of sleep. We talked to so many people about what they did with their child and how they felt about it. Ultimately it came down to us and only us. After lots of prayer, our decision was based more on the distant future and not the near future. Rodney wishes he would have been held back when he was younger. Many people have said with boys, sometimes they need an extra year for maturity.

Joshua had a great year in Kindergarten last year. He had a super teacher and learned so much. His teacher thought we should send him on to First grade and some others as well. But we chose to let him go again. We weighed all the positives and negatives to both. Repeating Kindergarten would give him an advantage and more confidence. We talked to him many times about staying in Kindergarten again and he seemed to be okay with it. So here we are, the first day of school and I am so scared. Did we make the right decision? Are some of the kids in his class going to say ugly things? Well, all I can do is pray for him. He will be okay. He will make lots of new friends and he still has some really good friends from last year!
And on top of everything, I know he will have a wonderful school year because he has a wonderful teacher!

Mrs. Greenhaw was kind enough to send these next 3 pictures during his first day!