Monday, July 21, 2008

Daddy's 28th Birthday!

We had a great weekend celebrating Rodney's birthday! Friday night Thomas, Brooke, Camden, Carter & Caley drove down to eat with us at OSAKA. Rodney loves Shogun in Huntsville and Osaka is the closest we have here in Florence. Grandmother Johnson, A. Carolyn and Amy met us for dinner as well. We had a good time laughing, eating and watching Caley and Marah when the flames go high. They brought out a big drum and sang Happy Birthday (which the Japanese guys stayed as monotone as you possibly could singing). I think they stayed on the same note the whole time. His candle was on what looked like a couple of Twinkies - not sure. Rodney shared those with the kids.
Marah didn't keep her present a surprise from Rodney so he was ready to open his presents Friday night (his birthday was not until Saturday). So all of us were okay with that. We sort of picked an Auburn theme this year. Marah picked out an Auburn cap and Joshua got him a couple of nice Auburn shirts. They had so much fun picking out a gift and wrapping it all by themselves. Then of course decorating it with all kinds of stickers. I got him tickets to the 2nd Auburn game of the year against Southern Miss. Upward Soccer starts the week after that game, so I thought he would like to get to an early game this year, since we'll be tied up with soccer for awhile. The month of August will be so crazy for us with Joshua starting school, his birthday, Rodney's 10 year class reunion, Dittos for Kiddos and then some where in there Macy will be born. So hopefully Rodney and Joshua can enjoy going to the Auburn ballgame the first weekend in September. It should be a nice break for him.

Rodney's parents and Ryan & Kellie came down for the day on Saturday. Ryan and Rodney played some golf, while Kellie and I took the kids to the pool until they got back. We had lots of fun. His parents took all of us to eat at Texas Roadhouse (yummy-thanks for dinner), then we let Rodney blow out candles again at our house. I think he had a good 28th birthday! Me and the kids sure did have a good time!
Joshua and Marah helping Daddy blow out the candles!

Rodney wearing the hat and shirt the kids got him!

Ryan holding Joshua up in the pool!

Rodney holding Marah up in the pool!

Family picture of the Bowerman's at Texas Roadhouse (love this picture)!

Rodney blowing out candles at Osaka!

Marah with Mommy & Daddy

Joshua & Carter

Amy & Camden

Brooke & Caley


Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Rodney! What a fun way to celebrate! It looks like you all had a great time together!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how sweet. happy birthday! glad you guys had a great time!

Jamey said...

So glad everyone had a good time! Birthdays are always so much fun!


Happy B-day, Rodney! Sorry we missed the party Friday night. :( I think our kids will be ready by next year if you want to go back. :) I love all of the pictures. Looks like ya'll had a great time.

Amy said...

cute post! love all the pictures!

Corey & Alisha said...

Happy "Late" Birthday Rodney! I have just found your blog again. It is so cute Paige! We miss you guys so much. It is great to see that everything is going so well for you all. We can't wait to hear about the arrival of Macy.

Stacy said...

Glad you had such a nice celebration!! You guys really know how to "do" a birthday!!!

McKinney Madness said...

There's only one thing missing in those pictures... ME! I hate that I missed the birthday party, but I hope you guys had a great time. Maybe the next post will be Macy's birthday!! I can't wait! Love you!

Julie said...

I love how you guys go all out for b'days! We do to and it is so much fun. I love what the kids got Rodney! War Eagle!