Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joshua's 1st Day of Kindergarten

My little man's first day of Kindergarten! Wow! He was so excited and could not wait. I asked him what he wanted mommy to fix for breakfast and he said pancakes and eggs. Most days he will probably end up with a Nutri-Grain bar or Pop-Tart because their lunch is at 10:15am-whoa! He usually never eats breakfast anyways, unless it's a Saturday morning at Nana's or Mimi's! He loves to eat pancakes at Mimi's and hot dogs & eggs at Nana's. But I wanted him to have a good breakfast for the first day. I went to wake him up and he hopped right out of bed which is very unusual for him. He is a late sleeper and usually lays in bed for awhile before he gets out.
We picked out clothes the night before and he was a little upset about khaki's and a polo shirt, but I told him after today he could wear his basketball shorts and shirts. Mommy wanted a good picture on the first day - so he agreed.
He loves his teacher and his first day went great! Aunt Carolyn was sweet enough to call me around 12:00 and let me know he was doing good - what a relief. She was so sweet to let me know. It makes things easier on me knowing he is right down the hall from her. She loves to give him kisses when she sees him.
He ran to give me a hug when I picked him up so I was really excited about that. Then proceeded to tell me all about his day. It was great! One of the first things he said was, "Mommy, they put dessert on my tray at lunch." It was so cute! Marah couldn't wait to go pick him up. She was asking to 30 minutes after we dropped him off. She had a hard time with him being gone. She was very sad, but soon she will be preoccupied with Macy I'm sure. It was hard that big brother went off to school and she no longer had an all day playmate.
My favorite part of all this transition was bedtime last night. Every night they both choose a book to read and I usually read out of a Bible book a different story every night, then we all say an individual prayer. We read "The Kissing Hand" because of school today. They both cuddled up with me on the rocker and Rodney snapped a picture. It was an extra special night because Joshua was so excited about school.

Joshua's First Day of Kindergarten

Reading "The Kissing Hand"


becky said...

what a big boy! luke won't start until next year. it looks like our girls rooms are the same color!! and i haven't heard of the kissing hand. got a feeling it will make me cry!!


He looks so cute and grown up, Paige! I'm glad things went good and happy that he was excited about school. That definitely makes it a little easier to let them go when they're excited. :) I love that of my favorites.

Julie said...

I love that last picture. I am so glad that Joshua enjoyed his first day of school. I am sure that makes it so much easier on you to know that he enjoys it. Joshua, glad you got dessert! :)

Julie Greenhaw said...

That's so cute. I always wonder what they say about school when they get home. That's so funny. Mrs. Berry planned so many fun things and the thing he loved most was desert on his tray! He is such a cutie!

McKinney Madness said...

Okay... so I'm fighting back the tears right now. Can he really be that old? Goodness how the time flies. I'm so glad that he had a good day! And "The Kissing Hand" (can't find the underline button on here) is absolutely precious! I'm so glad you knew to read that. I love you guys, and can't wait to see you (and baby Macy) next weekend! YEA!