Saturday, September 19, 2009

War Eagle!

My 3 Auburn Tigers

Marah and Caley

Camden and Joshua

Busby Tigers

Marah, Macy and Caley

This is our nine! The 9 kids that is on the Morrow side of the family. We are still waiting for the twins to come along on the Bowerman side (because whenever Ryan & Kellie decide it is time, they WILL have 2 at one time - Kellie's mom is a twin and her dad is a twin). So any time Kellie!
On the Morrow side, to say we love some Auburn football, may be an understatement. My dad was an Auburn grad so we grew up going to ballgames and walking to Toomer's Corner for lemonade. So now to carry on the tradition, Brooke, Ben and I all graduated from Auburn and all had 3 kids. All Auburn kids, except for Noah who has been saying he likes Alabama these days. I think he is being brainwashed by another family member - hint hint. Look at him in the 1st picture. Of course, they all don't look very excited. Trying to get 9 kids to smile or even look at the same time is crazy.

We love getting together on Saturdays to sport our Auburn wear. The kids were able to hold their hands up for "touchdown Auburn" before they were 1. We have been blessed over the years with some great Auburn memories.


Year of 2006 - Macy now wears Marah's little cheerleading dress.

Getting into it!


Christy said...

Love it! War Eagle, hey!

brooke said...

Glad you finally blogged again!!! Love this picture!


Cute pics! I love the ones of all 9 of them. Ya'll keep working on Noah (and Abbie and Bailey)...please! Somebody has got to before my side takes over. Ben sure it bringing it home with the kids lately. :)

Mary Virginia said...

Wow! Great pictures! What a blessing to have them all together so much. I'm dying to meet my first little neice and for Paisley and Aubry to meet Madelyn.
Mary V

Julie Y. said...

War Eagle!! I love seeing all the AU attire!!

McKinney Madness said...

We've got some smart kids, that's for sure. And CUTE, too!! WAR EAGLE!

Scarlett said...

Marah and Caley (aka Paige and Brooke part 2) They are all so cute--even in their Auburn outfits! :)

Katie said...

Cute pictures Paige!!! Such a good lookin crew of Tiger fans :)

Jenna said...

I can't believe how big Macy is getting...your kids are all so beautiful! I hope you know we miss you guys around here!

Kelbe said...

Your children are precious! Love the Header picture! War Eagle!