Friday, January 8, 2010

First Snow of the New Year

So, we have been waiting on this weather to come all week.  God, thank you for the snow (like Joshua said in his prayer).  We were hoping for a little more than we got, but we will take it.  We had a blast anyways.  School was called off for Thursday and Friday.  We headed out to nana's house on Thursday to play around on the golf course.  Since the grass always stays lower there, the ground seemed to have a little more snow than what was at our house.   

The kids could not wait to throw some snowballs.  Many were thrown, but I happened to catch Joshua throwing this one at Marah.

Macy loved it too!

The small no-face snowman.  We were hoping to build a huge one.  Maybe next time.

The kids were able to play a little bit today as well.  The snow was so dry.  They could sit in it and their pants would still be dry.  So, no snowballs today.  It would not stick together.

Joshua was trying to make a snow (grass) angel!


jennifer said...

Such adorable kids! They honestly look like they stepped out of a magazine. You guys got more snow than we did in Blountsville. Keep the blogs coming!

brooke said...

Your pictures are so cute!! Are you just loving your new camera?? When is it gonna snow again???!!!

Kristy said...

how fun. sure wish we could look out our window some day and see snow :O) not going to happen but it sure would be fun :O)

lestat said...


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Kathryn said...

These are great pictures, Paige! As usual, your kiddos are beautiful!!!