Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little look at our Christmas 2009

Marah with her proud daddy at her school performance

Macy sporting a scarf and boggan

Joshua about to rip into a present at Mimi & Pappy's

Macy Poo

Pappy with the nunchucks

One of our gifts this year was a real popcorn popper (which we love), so Pappy made some for us Christmas night

The kids favorite from Mimi & Pappy (ours too, since we play it every night)

Macy with Ryan & Kellie's dog (Jake)

Mimi and Pappy with the kids

Joshua in his new football gear

Macy's new ride

The boys


Marah & Bailey

Grandmother Johnson and the some of the kids

Ben & Anna

Mom and Dad with Marah, Abbie & Bailey

Grampy & Marah

Abbie giving mom a kiss

Grandmother Morrow surrounded by the kids opening her presents

Rodney's Granny & Paw Paw (who just passed away on Jan.2) and Lauren, Tucker, Sawyer, Carter, Caden & Arianna
Joshua, Marah & Macy are so blessed to have all these wonderful cousins on both sides of the family!

Trying out our favorite Christmas gift from Mimi & Pappy - a new Canon Rebel SLR - yippee

Our 3 little munchkins posing for one last picture under the tree...


Cortney said...

You got a new camera, too?!?! That's awesome! It takes AWESOME pics and I love all the great pictures you took over Christmas. I love the one of Joshua bent down in all his football gear! I'm so sorry to hear about Rodney's Paw Paw... I had no idea. I'll definitely keep ya'll and the Bowerman family in our prayers. Love ya'll!

Julie Greenhaw said...

That last picture is beautiful!! Looks like a great Christmas!

Sunny said...

I really LOVE that last picture!!! You have such beautiful children, Paige.

Melodie said...

What a fun Christmas! Love all the pics! Wish I had that camera!!! So glad you got one last pic of the kids with Rodney's granddad. You will treasure that!

Jessa Mullen said...

Macy in that scarf and hat is TOO funny..
I love the last picture of your kiddo's, they are so beautiful... Those dresses the girls are wearing are BEAUTIFUL... love them...
Can't wait to get our little angel that we can dress so cute as well....


I'm so happy you got a new camera, Paige. That's awesome! I know how much you've been wanting one. All of the pictures are so sweet. You got some great ones. I love the last one of Joshua, Marah and Macy. They are just growing up...and they are as sweet and cute as ever. :) I'm glad that Rodney's grandad made it through Christmas and ya'll got that picture of all of the kids with him.

Christy said...

What precious kids; they look like they had a very fun Christmas!