Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

These kids (along with momma and daddy) LOVE the outdoors:)  As soon as the temperatures start rising we are all outside. 
The kids and I took a trip to Miami Ice earlier this week for a sno cone (or whatever you call it these days).  Macy just loves having her own cup of ice.  Joshua tried Alvin and the Chipmunks and Marah got a Hannah Montana.  I got the Dreamsicle with cream:)  The kids may have even had more fun playing in the sand. We had a great time.  We will definitely be there a lot this summer! 

Macy loves picking flowers


Holly said...

Girl, I hear ya! Bring on SPRING!!! We big on the outdoors as well, so the spring-ish weather we've been having has been soooo nice.
I love your girls' outfits! Too cute.

Cortney said...

What cute pictures! And is it just my imagination, or did Brooke work at a Sno Biz back in the day?! Hope to see ya'll this weekend for Easter!

Jamey said...

Great pictures!!! This weather is so nice. Now I want my very own sno cone!

Julie Greenhaw said...

All three of your kids are beautiful!! LOve the pics of Joshua with all the missing teeth! :) Can't wait for the pool to open!