Monday, March 1, 2010


So this is the greatest brush in the world!
We have finally found the perfect brush for Marah's hair.  If you are looking for a brush that gets out tangles very easily, this is the brush you need. 
My sister-in-law has been using this brush on her kids' hair for awhile now.  After I saw how easily it brushed their hair out, we had to have one. 


A said...

Oh behalf of tangle-hating girls everywhere, I thank you!! I remember the day I convinced my Mom that I needed detangler (spray conditioner) and offered to buy it with my own nonexistent money (I was 8). I think I would've stolen it if she's said no!
She always wanted me to use a pick on my hair, but even with the spray it was too tangly. I finally swiped a brush from someone much like this one and it has been my "wet brush" ever since. We're talking at least 1.5 decades. Thank you thank you thank you! Your daughter will do a happy dance!

THE MORROW FAMILY said...'s the best! I'm glad you got one! :)

McKinney Madness said...

Okay, so where do you get it? I have the nastiest hair when I get out of the shower and I literally have to start at the top and work the tangles down to get them all out. Can adults use them too? Cause I'm sure ready to try!!

Bowerman Blessed said...

Ashley, sure wish I had this brush way back in the days. Could have saved me a lot of heartache. Of course, I didn't even discover a flat iron until college, so what do you expect. The flat iron changed me forever. I even use one on my daughter now - lucky for her.
Cortney, I found my brush online. Just type in wet brush on google. You would love it. I use it on my hair too. It is AMAZING!