Monday, July 5, 2010

Fishing at the Young's House!

Mom and dad are always trying to come up with things to do when they have all the grandkids home.  Because most of the time when they have the Busby kids or the Morrow kids, they always have the Bowerman kids as well.  So this time, they decided to take 6 grandkids fishing :)
My dad loves to fish!  We grew up fishing at both of my grandaddy's ponds and loved every minute of it.  So my dad has been wanting to take our kids (the whole crew) fishing for awhile now.  Some of my mom and dad's best friends (Brant and Judy Young) have a beautiful pond behind their home and were kind enough to let mom and dad bring the kids over to fish in their pond. 
My dad bought 5 cane poles for the occasion - which ended up being a great choice.  Just throw it in and pull it out of the water.  Rodney got hooked first thing while we were there and worms ended up in faces here and there.  But other than that, all of us had a blast. 
I think Carter might have caught the biggest one!  The brim were biting like crazy.  Sometimes the boys even caught them without a worm. 
Macy about to touch a worm...
It was a perfect night for fishing and the perfect place!  The fish were the perfect size for the kids to hold them and throw them back in.
A big "THANK YOU" to Judy, Brant and Lauren and to mom and dad!  We had a blast!


Julie Greenhaw said...

That looks like so much fun!!!

McKinney Madness said...

Ahh... reminds me of the good ol' days! Glad they could experience cane poles like their mommys used to use! : )

Julie Young said...

I didn't know ya'll went over there. That is awesome. Glad that ya'll had a good itme!

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

How fun. And I love the "Golden Girl" shirt!