Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

So I have been waiting now for over 2 years for him to turn 30.  I hit my 30's a few years ago, and I have been the center of many jokes about my age.  He cannot say anything for awhile (until the 40's get closer).
Rodney's birthday was on a Monday this year, but we celebrated we my mom, dad and aunt Carolyn for Sunday lunch.  He chose Logan's for lunch!  Then for dinner that night, Rodney's mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law drove down.  They were able to come to church with us and to hear Rodney teach class that night (which he did a wonderful job on).  He got to choose the dinner spot as well, so we went to Ricatoni's!  Great choice!  Following dinner, we all came back to our house for dessert which is always chocolate cake on Rodney's birthday, made by his mom.
On his actual birthday, we went to Rodney's favorite place on earth - SIX FLAGS!

As for the next Saturday, we had a big birthday celebration for Rodney with all of our family in Moulton!

This is what a set-up looks like at the Bowerman house.  There is always a feast regardless of how many people are there.  The fish fryer was going, french fries and hush puppies!  Delicious!

And to top the weekend off, Marah lost her 2nd tooth on the bottom.  Wow!  My kids are growing up too fast.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!  I love you and wish you many more!


McKinney Madness said...

I tell you what, you guys know how to party up a 30th birthday!! I'm impressed!! Hope he had a great time1

Stacy said...

How fun!! Happy Birthday to Rodney! I love that picture of him blowing out his candles!! Glad you all enjoyed his big day, and so many times at that! :)

Amy said...

I was at Logan's celebrating, toO!!!!


I'm glad he finally caught up to you, Paige! :) We had fun at the fish fry...glad we got to come and celebrate with ya'll!

Melodie said...

Cute pics. Glad he had a good birthday! Ya'll went all out! I like the 'Hot Rod' cookies! I also can see that ya'll painted and it looks really good!

Julie Young said...

This is awesome!! I am all about a fish fry. That looked yummy. You guys really do know how to throw a party. I am sure that Rodney felt special (and old!) LOL!