Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 4 - Nana Camp

Saturday, July 7

It was 8:00a.m. and all the kids were still asleep.  I guess they were all a little bit more worn out than I had guessed.  I just let them sleep.  By 8:30 they all began waking up.  I had really gone all out this morning and I was preparing “Peas In A Pod,” and “All-Star Bologna.”  I came up with both of those ideas all on my own.  I am not a creative person, but I love thinking of new things to do for the grandkids.  “Peas In A Pod” is very similar to “Toad In A Hole,” except with that there is only one hole for the egg and three fourths of the bread has nothing on it.  I just make three small holes, mix up the eggs and pour a little egg mixture in each one.  I add a few little diced up ham bites on top of the egg.  I just consider the holes the pod and the egg and ham bites the peas.  Oh well!  Anyway the ones that eat eggs pretty much ate some of it anyway.  I think all nine ate the bologna.  That was what I was more concerned about.  Bailey came back twice for more “All-Star Bologna.”  I had a small star cookie cutter and I got about five stars out of one piece of bologna.  The second time I was all out of stars, but I had some of the leftovers from where the stars didn’t cut, and immediately Bailey let me know she didn’t want that bologna, but she wanted the stars.  You just never know what might work with kids when you are cooking.  Whatever works for them works for me.

We started out with a game of Bingo right after breakfast.  Grampy ran to the grocery store for me while I called our numbers and gave out Whoopie Cushions to the winners.  Of course once we had a winner, and that winner started sitting on the cushion and letting off all the extreme noises, everybody wanted one.  I thought I was going to have to go back to Dollar Tree right then to make sure everybody had one in his or her hand.  It was lots of fun and it tickled me to see all of them laughing so much.  Joshua won first in Bingo, Bailey won second, and Caley won third. 
Right after we finished cleaning the church we headed to Muscle Shoals.

Grandmother Morrow enjoyed everyone coming over.  I think she couldn’t believe how much they had grown.  She had toys out and a puzzle on the table for them to enjoy. 

Grandmother Johnson went with us to eat lunch at the catfish and chicken place she loves.  It was delicious and the kids all ate really well.  I can never go wrong with chicken with this group.  I think they could eat it for every single meal. 

“Quiet Time” was quite different from yesterday.  I didn’t hear a peep out of anyone.  It gave me a moment to catch my breath and actually sit down for a few minutes.

 As soon as it was over it was time for a game of  “Horseshoes.”  We thought we might have had the starting point back too far, but when Joshua won first place, Bailey, Camden, and Carter all tied for second place, and when Macy came in third, we decided there was no need to worry that our starting point was too far away. 

“Crazy Bowling” was just that, a little crazy.  You would think it would be easy to knock over ten plastic bright colored bowling pins, but that was not necessarily true.  There were many gutter balls thrown and many were flustered that it wasn’t as easy as it looked.  Bailey never lost confidence at all.  She said it looked easy and evidently it was for her.  She tied for first with Joshua.  Abbie came in second, and Camden was third place. 

“Shower Cap Cheese Balls” was hilarious.  Our neighbor had been watching from his sunroom and came over to see what was going on.  The kids had been waiting for this game to start all day.  We put a shower cap on all of their heads, covered the cap in shaving cream, and Grampy threw cheese balls at all of the players.  They could not use their arms at all.  The one with the most cheese balls in their cap would win.  Grampy and I kept laughing and laughing at the kids.  Every time he would throw them in the air the kids would back up.  He kept telling them over and over to run up to make sure they caught them on their head, but I guess human nature just takes over.  At the end the winners were Macy in first place, Bailey in second, and Noah in third.  I really hate to inform everyone that all of the other players were disqualified because they began picking up all the cheese balls on the ground and putting them on their heads.  What kids will do to win never ceases to amaze me.  You would think they had a game going on all on their own because it seemed they were in a race to see who could pick up the most on the ground the fastest and get them on their heads.  One lead and the others followed, except for our winners.  They deserved the win.   

We didn’t have time for any more games today.  I have got some big time catching up to do.  We are behind several games at this point.  Maybe tomorrow we will have some time to get ahead for a change.

Our fishing excursion was awesome.  All of them caught at least one catfish.  Some of them were whoppers.  Macy was the first one to catch a fish, and as soon as she did she was ready to go.  She did what she came to do, and there was no need to stay any longer as far as she was concerned.  The kids had a ball and Joshua, Camden, and Carter kept on and on fishing until dark.  We are so glad we got to take them.  Darlene and Jerry Bogus were kind enough to let us come and enjoy their beautiful pond.  They even had poles for everyone and the kids were in hog heaven.  Not one of them though was willing to bait their hook.  The livers were stinky, slimy, and just too much for them to handle.  It was all I could do myself.  I would think it was an awesome fishing trip as well if someone would bait my hook every time I go.  Grampy said he was baiting his own hook when he was their age, but Grampy grew up in the country and had a pond at his home.  Our grandkids all live in a subdivision and fishing is not a routine thing for them.  I am sure in time they will learn.

I took two ice chests full of stuff for a picnic supper and we just did not have time to get it all out.  The fish were biting like crazy and it was just one thing after another.  It was late when we got home, ate supper, and started baths.  I could tell tonight that the kids were tired.  Grampy and I are both exhausted.  I am so tired right now I think I could sleep for half a day, but there is not time for that.   There is much to do, and time is running.  Nana     

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