Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 6 - Nana Camp

Monday, July 9
After about three hours of sleep I woke up extremely happy this morning. Camping was about to be over. Although it did go very good, actually extremely wonderful, I will be ecstatic to be back in my own bed tonight, soaking in my bathtub, and being able to hear the beautiful flush of the toilet. Yes, I am very spoiled. I need to be thankful every single day of the luxuries I enjoy and take for granted. Everyone in the world is not as fortunate.
Mack cooked everyone an awesome breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, and even gravy. He is an expert camper and the kids were amazed you could cook all of those things outside, and with no electricity. I was very thankful for Mack. Otherwise oatmeal pies would have probably been on the kids breakfast menu.

It was off to baseball for the boys. Luke Krieger filled in for Jay, who had to go out of town. The boys loved Luke. They played homerun derby along with getting training in batting and fielding. He did an outstanding job with the guys.

Adorable Aunt Carolyn took the girls to her house for a few hours of fun. They made precious doorknob hangers, and they made stepping- stones they could put around their house with their fingerprints, shiny colored stones, and personal effects included in them.

It was home for lunch quickly and then off to school where Amy did mind-blowing science with them. Today’s activity was building individual volcanoes. Yes, I heard all about the eruptions coming from my classroom and all the excitement that was taking place.

“Quiet Time” today was clean up time for broken rules. It really pains me to say this, but my house is not tidy at this time. It is looking a little like a hurricane blew through. I really do not know what has happened. One day it still looks presentable and the next it is a wreck. Yes, much to my dismay there were scattered shoes, clothes, and plates. You name it and it would probably be found in my house right now. It was nothing compared to last year, but it was not as I had planned. Yes sir, all of the campers have once again broken a camp rule. I gave all of them the directions they needed and told them I expected perfectly clean living quarters within the hour. Every single one of them worked like crazy. They were vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning up everything everywhere. I was quiet impressed. They did a bang up job. Now the house is once again like I want it to be. Keeping the house clean and the clothes washed is an everyday chore. There is no such luxury as having the clothes all washed and dried. I have washed more towels and wash cloths this week than I do in months. It would not surprise me if my washer broke down at anytime, and it is only four years old. It has stayed on 24-7, I do believe.


After all was tidy again we headed to Mr. Bob and Edith Broadfoot’s home. He lived in Alaska for three years and went on numerous hunting excursions. All of his animal’s heads, the bear rug, and all the moose antlers were a huge wow factor for the kids. They loved it. After he finished it was a constant, “Nana, take my picture with this.” Jane and Mack brought over Evie, Logan, and Henry also, and it was loads of fun.

I made spaghetti and Barbie cups for dinner. The kids seemed a little tired today, but they were still asking when we could start the games. Grampy and I just looked at each other, wondering if we would survive this. The last two nights had given me a total of about six hours of sleep and I honestly didn’t think I could hold my eyes open. Some of it was that I just couldn’t sleep. My mind was going in a hundred different directions and sleeping on the floor in a tent was hard as a rock, especially since I, Nana, had forgotten my quilt and pillow. Oh well, this too shall pass.

We were well behind schedule with the games and tonight we needed to do some big time catching up. We started with the 50-yard dash. Carter came in first, Camden second, and Joshua third. In the intermediate division Caley came in first and Marah was second, with only an inch behind. In the primary division Noah came in first, Abbie second, and Bailey third. Macy ran with everyone zipping in and out amongst them all.

In the broad jump competition Joshua came in first, Carter second, and Camden third. In the younger division Marah and Bailey tied for first, Abbie was second, and Caley was third.

“Team Tag” was next. Carter, Joshua, Marah, and Abbie came in first place with Camden, Caley, Bailey, and Noah coming in second place. Macy said she won on both teams.

The “Corn Toss” was so much fun. Grampy’s friend Tony, built Grampy two awesome Auburn corn toss games, and surprised him at work and gave them to him. They were top -notch quality and something Grampy and I will always cherish. We will use them for years to come. Camden came in first place. Carter was second, and Joshua and Caley tied for third.

“Musical Chairs” was hilarious. They all had planned to win this one. They thought it should have been easy enough to just find a seat when the music stopped, but when nine all planned to win the competition was on. Joshua came in first, Noah was second, he was more determined than I remember seeing him in a while, and Camden was third.

The “Pillow Case Hop” was too funny. I do dread washing all those pillow- cases, but it will be worth it. Marah hopped her way to first place, Joshua was second, and Bailey was third.

“Go for H2O” was harder than it looked, although it too was fun. They blew and blew in the straw to advance the drop of the water to the finish line on the wax paper. Camden was first with an awesome finish. Noah was second, and Abbie was third.
 “Airplane Flights” was short, but fruitful. Joshua’s plane was first, Carter was second, and Marah was third. In the younger division Noah was first, Abbie was second, and Bailey was third. Macy’s airplane kept going the wrong direction, but she loved every minute of it.

“Spinners” was a little hard at first, but after giving them all some practice time everyone finally got the hang of it. Camden’s top lasted the longest coming in first, Carter was second, and Joshua was third.

“Washers” is anybody’s game. Camden came in first, Joshua was second, and little Miss Macy herself came in third. She was the proudest little thing and kept telling everybody how she had beat them.

By this time Grampy and I probably looked like we had been in a hurricane. Macy came up and sat in my lap and said, “Nana are you tired?” I told her that tired wasn’t a good word for it. Nana was passed exhaustion, and close to passing out in the backyard and sleeping on the ground again. As I was sitting in the swing I just caught my breath, looked around at all the kids as they were running around everywhere, laughing, hollering, and asking me and Grampy what they were fixing to do next, and I thought to myself that all is well. When I see Camden, the oldest, running and tagging the others, and laughing his head off, and I see Macy, hopping off my lap to once again inform Caley she won the “Washers” game, then I know all the in-between ages are happy as well.

It does my heart good knowing that Grampy and I had a tiny part to do with the smiles on their faces. Things can change. Things will change, but right now at this very moment, Grampy and I have had some precious memories added to our lives and theirs.

We actually got everyone into bed early tonight. It was more for Grampy and I than it was for the kids, but we needed every minute extra we could muster to regain any strength we once had. Our strength tonight was tapped out. We did a lot of catching up, but we are still a little behind. We only have one more entire day. The week has gone so fast for us. All is well tonight. I am afraid I will fall asleep in the tub, and Grampy said for me not to call him because he will be in shower stall asleep as well. Signing off, Nana.

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