Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It snowed again

Well, there wasn't 4 inches on the ground, but it was still snow.  So they were determined to build another snowman-this time with Grampy's help.  Boy did they have to work hard. 

Marah with Aunt Carolyn

They did it!

Snow angels


McKinney Madness said...

Well I'm so glad that Mama had an opportunity to pull out one of her hats to wear! : ) You guys have been having a blast with all the snow up there!! Your pictures are so good!

Bowerman Blessed said...

She had so much fun! We did too!

Jamey said...

They did it! ...Then there was no snow left in the yard... :) At least that's how it was here!

brooke said...

Once again, I'm so jealous!! I don't think we had enough on the ground here to make the snowmans head. Glad y'all got to enjoy it. Beautiful pictures!!