Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marah's Birthday Tea Party (Part Two)

Marah wanted to have a Tea Party for her 5th birthday, so I started looking to see what little girl's do at tea parties (because I really didn't know).  It seemed fairly easy to pull off, because all Marah was concerned about was dressing up.  She wanted all the girls to wear princess dresses.  They were adorable - all of them.

Mom let us use my grandmother's dishes from her china cabinet.  They were perfect.
Aunt Kellie gave the girls some lessons on "how to be a princess".
We had to make more pictures! 
Marah and Caley
Little Macy even joined in on all the fun.  Don't you love those pink socks:)
Marah and Barklee
Marah, Bailey and Abbie

They all did so good drinking from their little cups.  We served Victorian Tea Room Petit Fours (delicious), strawberries/apples/grapes with caramel dip, heart shaped sandwiches, cheese squares, sweet tea and pink lemonade.
All the princesses
Making some necklaces

And Macy is out (with Mimi)...


Jamey said...

So sweet! What a neat idea, with the tea party and all. I bet they really did feel like real princesses!

Bowerman Blessed said...

Jamey they really did! They were so sweet. I think they all had a great time.

Ashley said...

What a perfect little girls birthday party! It looks like Marah had a blast!

Cortney said...

These pictures are all so adorable!! It looks like Marah rang in her 5th birthday just right! Wish I had thought of a tea party when I was 5!


All of the pictures are precious, Paige! Thanks for all you did to make it a fun weekend for all the girls. :)

brooke said...

These pictures are so so cute! You captured every moment of all the fun! Wish we were back in Florence now!

Holly said...

What a sweet idea. and the pics are GREAT. I love that you and Brooke both have a mini-me! Your family is just precious, which I say every time I comment, but it's true!