Monday, April 5, 2010

EASTER - part two

Ben and Anna invited all the family over for dinner and an egg hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday (thank you Ben and Anna).  My kids could not wait to see all their cousins:)  And I couldn't wait to see everyone either.  When Rodney and I moved here (to Florence), it didn't seem like being an hour away from Huntsville would be that far.  But throw in our busy schedules and just life in general and we haven't made it there half as much as we thought we would.  So when we are able to get together, it is a BIG DEAL and we LOVE it!


THE MORROW FAMILY said... got some GREAT pictures, Paige! I might have to swipe a couple for my blog. :) I didn't get many of all the kids. I LOVE that one of Abbie and Macy! It's so sweet! We were so happy to get to see ya'll and let the kids all play together. They are all just growing up!

Jessa Mullen said...

I love the fact that Joshua always has on an Auburn shirt! Way to go teaching him right!

brooke said...

Your pictures are soooo good!! I love that one of Marah and Carter! Can't wait til ya'll come next week!!

McKinney Madness said...

I'm so glad Ben and Anna are sweet enough to have us over! It really means a lot to us and I enjoy it more than you know. It was so good to see ya'll!