Monday, April 26, 2010

Planting - Day one

It is so much fun learning about flowers and vegetables - planting and taking care of them.  We have already made mistakes, but we are learning.  The kids have really enjoyed being a part of it.  My dad brought over some tomato plants and tilled up an area on the side of our house for us to grow some tomatoes and other veggies.  If we had the space, I would have a huge garden because we love vegetables so much.
I also bought some seeds and starter cups for the kids to plant their own.  They chose watermelons, cantaloupes, and I also bought some squash, peppers and more tomatoes.  So I let them have at it.

We are hoping for a little bit of good luck with these starters. 
Tomato plants day one
I hope to take pictures every few weeks to show their growth!  The kids are ready for some tomatoes.  They thought the tomatoes would grow overnight.
These are some tommy-toes for the kids:)


Ashley said...

Oh, what FUN! I love gardens and think it is a perfect activity for little ones too! Austin and I need to hurry and get ours in the ground soon! Happy planting!

McKinney Madness said...

I love tommy toes!! We're growing potatoes, strawberries, peppers, muscadines (sp?), blackberries, AND we have a peach and apple tree! Trey LOVES this time of year!!