Sunday, July 20, 2014


DAY 4 – July 19
All of the kids loved the Rattlesnake Saloon today. It was something very different. The kids screamed as loud as I have ever heard them in the back of the truck that was taking us down the steep hill to the eating area. You would have thought they were on a wild amusement park ride. I do not know what the driver thought, but when we started back up the hill after we had eaten, there were many people who were still enjoying their lunch that got a thrill out of the squealing kids on the truck. Grampy gave me a “look” and I just thought to myself, “This too shall pass.” Actually decades ago if I had been a kid on that truck I would have been the one leading the squeals and loving each and every minute. LOL
I am left with little doubt that this year’s Nana Camp will go down in history as the prank feud between The Skunks and The Possums. I think both sides spend an hour daily just plotting out their next move. Tonight is going to be very interesting.
Grampy has gone back to the store several times to replenish our Popsicle supply. I asked Macy this afternoon how many she thought she had eaten just today. She smiled the biggest smile and reminded me that, “Whatever happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s.”
I think Caley enjoyed the Coon Dog Cemetery the most. It seemed like she read every single tombstone there and kept calling all the others to come and see the ones she thought were the most unique. Her precious Molly, a golden retriever, lives inside with the Busby family and I know they could not do without her.
Joshua and Carter have been the perfect big brothers for everyone. They are all “into” different phenomenon and loved talking about space and things. We talked about the “Bermuda Triangle” several times in the car on our way to places today. As soon as we got home they did some more research and listened to some videos about it.
We took the kids by “The Wall.” It is a massive mile long hand-build stonewall made by Mr. Tom Hendrix as a tribute to his great grandmother who was a Yuchi Indian and was forced to leave her home near Florence during the Trail of Tears. She escaped and returned to Alabama. Each stone represents one step of her journey. It is near the Natchez Trace. Most of the kids knew all about the Trail of Tears. They asked tons of questions. Abbie wanted to bring him back a special stone he could add to his collection.
Our duck brood has ended up with close to 20 new baby ducks. We almost lost all of them last night though. We filled a little pool with water to let them take a swim. After the ducks had been swimming for about ten minutes many of them starting having extreme difficulties. The water for too cold for such new little ducks. They practically fell limp. It was Grampy to the rescue. He took some of the weaker little ones to the bathroom and starting warming them up and drying them off with my blow-dry. During the night Grampy was up three times checking on the poor little things. He was afraid the morning was not going to hold any good news about the baby ducks and he did not want to disappoint the grandkids. The kids were upset seeing the little things wilting. The next morning every single one of them had recovered and was doing great. Whew! That was a close call.
Tomorrow will be Sunday. Where has the time gone? It has been another successful day. All is well.

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