Sunday, July 20, 2014


DAY 3 – July 18
All of us are disappointed that will be not be camping tonight as planned, but it is okay. The rain is needed and we are blessed to have it.
We went bowling for a few hours today, then went to Five Guys to get burgers for lunch. We stayed inside the rest of the afternoon and night. The boys chose a movie on the television to watch. I made a big dinner with mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, chicken tenders, corn on the cob, rolls, cantaloupe, macaroni and cheese, and a few other things. After dinner I made homemade ice cream.
Staying in does not deter the kids at all it seems. They enjoyed the day. They occupied themselves for an hour or two by picking up where they had left off with the pranks. The boys wrote about 20 notes and taped to the girls’ door. I think the one I enjoyed the most went something like this. Skunks Rule! Possums Drool! Possums swim in the baby pool! The note was signed, Joshua, Carter, and Noah, The Skunks!
Can things get any better than that? The Skunks are awesome. The girls (The Possums) decided to fix everyone some grape juice with their snack and add extra things like chocolate syrup, orange juice, water, milk, Hawaiian Punch, and things like that to three special cups that would go to The Skunks. Yes, Nana handed out the juice to everyone, without the three boys suspecting anything. I immediately saw Carter and Joshua look at each other, but neither said a word. Noah quickly told me that I had not given him grape juice at all. With all the laughter from the girls the boys immediately knew the girls had pulled a prank on them. I sort of felt bad when Noah told me hours later that his days of drinking grape juice were over. I do plan to make it a mission to see to it before he leaves next week that he will once again love grape juice.
I had card games and several extra games for the kids to play today just in case something like this happened, so the day was not a washout as far as I was concerned.
We do have 14 new members of the duck clan that has hatched thus far. The kids have continually checked on them all day. I do not like having the incubator in the bedroom at all, but there was not a good place to put it. The garage and the sunroom make the temperature fluctuate too much and the laundry is a definite negative since the kids are in and out there all the time. By Sunday we should have all the ducks to hatch that are going to. It amazes me that the kids worked everything among themselves about which duck would belong to whom and they named everyone of them. They know all the names of each duck.
By the way, my friend Judy, who brought the cookies over, is the one who suggested the names for the cabins this year. She is much more creative than I am and she has two precious grandkids, Luke and Andrew.
The kids are allowed to stay up a little later tonight especially since we were planning the camp out for tonight. Tomorrow looks like we will be marching on with our Nana Camp Day 4 plans.
This Nana is happy.   

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