Monday, July 21, 2014


DAY 6 – July 21

The girls have not let me in their bedroom since Saturday. This morning they all led me into the bedroom and there on the wall was the most beautiful picture and decorations I had ever seen. It said “Happy Birthday Nana.” They all had precious notes for me. I didn’t know if things were glued or taped on the wall. It didn’t matter to me. They had asked for both on Saturday and I had no clue what they were doing with it. They just told me it was for a project. I know there might have been a time in my past that dirty walls and messed up beds bothered me, but no more. Nine little ones broke me from that long ago. A house is walls, sheetrock, flooring, and a roof, but a house is suppose to be a home where the heart is. Our home is filled with love and with family and friends. If it’s messy at times, so be it. I can clean when the kids leave.


Carter was actually the first one up this morning, and he greeted me with the first smile and a hearty, “Happy Birthday Nana, I love you.” All of the boys were up early to go and place all sorts or snakes, grasshoppers, and other bugs in the unsuspecting girls’ beds. Marah woke up first, spied all the little creatures, and tossed them all out into the hall before everyone else even woke up. Of course the boys were very disappointed, but I know that will just make them more determined than ever to think of another scheme. I know a secret the girls have planned for the boys but this Nana has sealed lips.


The boys all went with Grampy to work very early. They enjoyed breakfast with him there and I took all the girls to Morgan’s for Cheer Camp. Morgan graciously did not turn me down when I asked her, for the third year in a row, to do cheer for the girls. They always ask for her and enjoy every minute. The guys did chores at the nursing home and actually enjoyed it. Joshua told Paige he had an awesome time. You just cannot get better than that. Grampy is one in a million.


After lunch we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s, thanks to Aunt Carolyn helping me out with an extra car. Carter ran some coupons off for everyone to receive some free tickets. I think we could have used hundreds of tokens within an hour.


Grandmother Johnson helped me take the kids to the park to hear a group for the Handy Festival. Aunt Myra, Uncle Stan, Aunt Diann, and Ethan brought Grandmother Morrow over to see the kids. They brought tacos and drinks for everyone. It was great to spend some time with them.


It was very late but we did get in the Lightning Bug Run. It was total chaos for a while, and then those little critters flew off as if their life depended on it.


Stargazing was fun, but with mosquitos out it was no a lot of fun. All of us already have too many bites as it is.


Paige and Rodney came over later with cake for my birthday. She wanted to make pics with the kids. This is one of the most special birthdays I have ever had because the entire day was spent with the kids. This Nana had a very happy birthday.


Tomorrow is the last full day with the kids. It seems like we just got started.


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