Friday, July 21, 2017


FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2017


It was a very long night. I went and stayed in the girls room until about 3 in the morning making sure Macy’s tummy was okay. She was fine. I went back to our bedroom about 3:30. Grampy was still fast asleep. He never even knew Aunt Carolyn came over to get Adi since she was itching, and he also didn’t know about Macy’s tummy.

I had slept about two hours and I woke up about 4:30 hearing bangs and clangs in the kitchen. I heard giggles from the girls and knew they were definitely up to something. I knew how loud the noise was when it woke Grampy up. At 5:00 a.m. I went in the kitchen. The girls had all cooked breakfast for my birthday. How super sweet is that? They sang to me and Grampy and I enjoyed an early breakfast. Caley had asked me a few days before what time I usually woke up. I had told her 5 in the morning, which is completely true, and she made sure they had everything ready right on time. That was something so special for me. Some of them had only had 4 hours of sleep at that time themselves. (They never went back to sleep the entire day. Neither did Nana I might add.)


Today was a free day for the kids to decide what they would like to do. Several played Bunco again. We went to two more assisted living facilities to visit some special people. They love seeing the kids. The kids also spent some time playing with the ducks in the backyard. It was nice to have some time where they all just choose to do whatever they wanted to do. They play together so well now. I know sometimes it just taking maturity to kick in and things can change drastically. They are growing up too fast.


We went to a pizza place for dinner. Afterwards we returned home and they had a surprise birthday party for me. It was the sweetest birthday I have ever had. There were balloons and notes everywhere. There was cake and ice cream. The girls fixed a jar with notes in it and there were 62 reasons we love Nana written by all 9 of them. I went through and read every single one of them. I will probably be getting that jar out from time to time and reading them over and over. It made me cry with tears of joy.   


Close to dusk we went outside and the kids played a little softball with a plastic bat and ball. It was so much fun just watching them have fun with one another. That is the purpose of Nana Camp.



Is tomorrow really the day Nana Camp 2017 is officially over? It seems as though we just got started.



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