Monday, July 17, 2017

MONDAY, JULY 17 (Day 2)

Monday, July 17, 2017
Day 2

I’m thinking now that letting the campers’ stay up late last night was a very good idea. Most of them did not get up this morning until about 8.  That is luxury for me. It gives me time to cook breakfast, put on ANOTHER load of clothes, and have some downtime, which is a rare event during Nana Camp. 


They woke up to a dozen and a half of eggs scrambled, a pound and a half of crisp fried bacon, and a dozen biscuits hot and buttered. Nothing was wasted. They seemed to love every bite.


We left for the pool at 9:48 and Bailey made some comment about trying to stick to our schedule. I told her we were doing great. Evidently I just thought I was doing pretty good because she told me the schedule said we would be leaving at 9:45, and she proceeded to tell me we were actually late by three minutes. LOL I cannot get away with anything.


The pool party was a great time. They played super well together. I did have to yell a few times about some bouncing on the diving board. Not just bouncing, but bouncing backwards, bouncing sideways, and bouncing much more than was needed. I am just a worrywart about someone slipping and crashing into the concrete. I am sure that never enters their mind. Any older Nana like me would understand.  




The Splash Pad was a great choice as well for “Water Day.” The kids enjoyed it very much and it actually wasn’t too hot for a change. You are just never too old to enjoy fountains of water streaming up high in the air. I was soaked before we left.



It was spaghetti and meatballs for supper and I added hamburgers to the menu also. I really enjoyed staying in the kitchen for a while and cooking.  LOL The kids had a couple hours of free time while I cooked. They took advantage of every second. We ate an early supper and much later, several wanted spaghetti again instead of snacks. I decided it must have been a hit. I am thinking I will add it again into the menu later in the week. I need all the help I can get finding a meal that most of them like.

Games tonight were fun. We played bouncing water balloons, whopper balloons, pass the water, water limbo, water balloon pitch, and slip and slide games. It has definitely been a water day.


Adi came and joined in some of the water fun. Camden had the devo and everyone wanted to switch GROG for tonight instead of tomorrow night.

Today was definitely a successful, fun day. They are an absolute pleasure. This Nana is happy.     

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