Wednesday, July 19, 2017




     Today was Service Day. It was quality time we spent going to the assisted living where grandmother lives and going to the nursing home and visiting. Carter played the guitar and Caley sang several songs for both places. Noah played several songs on the piano for the residents we well. They were absolutely amazing. They did a phenomenal job. The residents loved every minute of it, and many told me several times how wonderful all the kids behaved. I totally agreed. It was truly a great day.



Grandmother Johnson loves the grandkids. She especially loves when they come to visit her. Although she is 87, you would think she was much, much younger. She is someone who is extremely young at heart and someone who has always put others first. She is a wonderful Godly woman who lives her life daily for the Lord. We are thankful and so blessed for a mother and grandmother like her.


We ate lunch at the assisted living on the patio. Carter let out a huge belch. Everyone laughed and Noah told us all that Carter’s belch was nothing compared to what his mom could do. He said she won a contest with Mr. Ryan at church. Camden was like, “Are you serious? Aunt Anna actually belched in front of others?” Noah was totally convincing that she actually did, and she did it very loudly. (Sorry Anna! It was just too much fun listening to Noah to leave this out.)


Our ducks arrived early this morning. I had procrastinated and did not get the eggs in time to hatch everything, so I ordered a dozen ducks. The kids enjoy them so much, and Grampy takes them to the nursing home so the residents can enjoy them.


We are so glad Adi joined us Monday night. She has been a trooper. She reminds me of when Nana Camp first started and when Macy was much younger. Adi has fallen right in there and has participated in everything everyone else has. She has laughed and laughed so much and she told everyone she now has some new cousins. She also came and told me last night that she had been the very best one because everyone else has done things or said things they shouldn’t do. Yep! Reminds me of those first Nana Camps.


Tonight was mid week service at church and afterwards everyone enjoyed Yogurt Mountain. Grampy gave me a disciplined look, (LOL) when I told everyone that this year I was not going to follow behind them and tell them how much they could or could not get. I told them they could be their own judge, and to get only what they would eat. Everyone kept waiting for Noah to finish (he was the last one). Last year I guess I slacked off and didn’t realize he had completely filled up his cup, and it was even running over. Last night he was actually very moderate with the amount he got. I think Adi won the prize this year and she ate every bite. It was fun seeing her enjoy it so much. I was watching her for a tummy ache, but it never happened.


By bedtime, as much as it pains me to write this, the house was in shambles, as far as being a mess goes. I really do not know how or when it happened. We had eaten sandwiches for supper before church and we had snacks when we first returned from the visits. The kids had a couple of hours to play and have free time. Grampy had taken the boys fishing, so I guess I just dropped the ball and allowed them to have the run of the house.  Anyway, it took me a good while to clean up. Oh well!


Abbie and Adi came to me about 10:30 and told me they couldn’t go to sleep because Caley, Bailey, and Macy laughing. Marah was already asleep. They said the girls told them they could not keep from laughing. They said no matter what they said they would not stop. I told Abbie and Adi to just go tell them if there was anymore laughing a caution sign would be delivered to them within the next five minutes.  LOL – There was not one more peep of anything from the girl’s room. I made caution signs and stop signs to give out as needed. If they are doing something they need to stop I simply give them a caution. If they have already been warned and continue they get a stop sign which means they will end up with a conference with me, or Grampy, or both. I love it.


It is actually about 11:00 and everyone is asleep except for the boys. That is no problem for me. All is well.   




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