Thursday, July 20, 2017




I thought today would be a relaxing day for us. I only THOUGHT. I was a tad wrong. Things got a little crazy and out of hand for us. Several were given CAUTIONS and STOPS. Grampy even said he took back what he said about them being not as loud as they were in some previous camps. They made up for the days they were a little more toned down. They made up for it BIG TIME. Are things always rosy at Nana Camp? Is Nana always sweet and kind and polite with a soft voice? Does everyone always do what Nana tells them to do the first or second or third time? Is it one big happy house all the time? HA – The answer would be unequivocally NO. Today was sort of a day that everyone fell off the cliff. That would include Grampy and Nana.


We took them to my classroom to help me clean desks, chairs, bookshelves, and other things. Needless to say we did not stay long. We went straight from there to clean the church building again for the second time this week. I do not think they like cleaning so much, but overall they did a very good job. Trying to round them all up to do something is like trying to herd cattle. The task can be a bit overwhelming at times.


It was out to eat at a fast food restaurant for lunch and bowling afterwards. We decided to change our visit from Spring Park to bowling because of the heat alert we have going on in our area this week. It has been extremely hot all week long.


From our excursions today we discovered some people are just not patient. The kids did ask lots of questions and several times were told by an adult they asked far too much. Adi even said that someone was being a drain and not a fountain. You never really realize what children take in even though you think they are not listening at all. She was absolutely correct. We encountered someone that was being a drain. Noah told me he would go speak to the person and settle things once and for all. I assured him he didn’t have to do that, and things would be okay.


During our bowling time today Macy walked over to me and put her arms around me and told me she loved me so much. That makes it all worth whatever effort I make for them. When Caley came over to sit by me I told her I was sorry I had been somewhat mean today. She told me I was never mean and she loved camp. I hope you know she exaggerated. With all the cautions and stops called out today I would say I was on a roll in the discipline department.  


I did get more quality time today with the kids. I asked Camden why he came to Nana Camp. He smiled and said it was something he could do to chill out and get out of the house for a week. Carter told me he loved coming because it was fun and he got to be with all the cousins. Joshua said he liked all the activities I did and being with everyone.


The girls all came up and wanted to talk to me today. They told me they would love a two or three day Nana Camp during Thanksgiving break or Christmas break. I smiled really big and said, “Really! Yall really want to do that?” Actually I was thinking, “Seriously, I simple cannot!” If you are thinking that every time my grandkids come over it is like Nana Camp, you would be dead wrong. Nana Camp is a special time that I spend lots of time planning for every detail. I can only do that once a year. I am not a Super Nana. I am probably about as far from one as you can get.


The kids got to spend some time today playing with the ducks. They are hilarious. One relieved itself on Camden and he was hilarious about it. The kids love it that the ducks will follow every step they make. They love playing with them.  


By late afternoon Grampy told me they were getting wilder and wilder. He took Camden fishing again this morning. Yesterday he took Camden, Carter, and Joshua. He took Marah and Bailey close to sunset tonight.


The girls participated in the checker tournament today and Marah won the championship. The kids want to play Bunco again. They loved it Sunday night. I told them we would try and play tomorrow. The girls did animal charades. We did an indoor scavenger hunt at the end of the day.


I fixed spaghetti and hamburgers again tonight for dinner, since it had gone over go good earlier in the week. I burned two fingers probably worse than I ever had before. I think I scared some of the kids because tears were streaming down my face. Noah wrote me the most precious note.


Joshua did the devo for tonight. He asked them to all tell something they were thankful for. Adi shared that she was thankful she has moved into this family. That touches your heart.


My refrigerator is beginning to look empty. That is a huge change from Sunday when I could barely close the doors it was so loaded with food. We have taken out over 15 garbage bags so far from the kitchen and bathroom. By Saturday I am sure that number will exceed 25.


It is about 11 p,m, right now and many are still going strong. Bailey says she just cannot go to sleep. Macy says her tummy hurts a bit. Adi is itching with her allergies. Camden and Noah are watching television. Carter and Joshua are still laughing their heads off going strong on Xbox. Marah and Abbie are asleep. Caley seems to be making some sort of plans for tomorrow. Grampy is snoring. I am sitting here in bed going over plans for tomorrow. It will be Friday. They leave Saturday. Where did the week go?


These kids are amazing and so awesome. Grampy and I are so very blessed.



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