Sunday, July 16, 2017


It’s almost hard to comprehend that another Nana Camp has begun. The kids are getting so tall and growing up so fast. I am thrilled that all nine are with us again this year. They all arrived this afternoon and things got off to a great start.


All of us are so excited that Grampy is here with us this year. He took a week of vacation, just so he wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun. He gets to be a part of all of the activities that will be going on all week. (LOL). This Nana is probably the most excited because that means I will have someone with me to help with EVERYTHING. Believe me camp week involves a tremendous amount of energy, time, patience, and more patience. That is one unique thing that Grampy has mounds of. He has truckloads of it more than I do.


After all of the unpacking, snacks, social time in the sunroom, weekly assignments, stop sign explanations, meal etiquette rules thoroughly explained, the general housekeeping decree made clear, and official reinforcements justified, we found ourselves getting ready for the evening church services.


We headed to Cracker Barrel as soon as church was over. Several kept asking what the time was. These nine are going to make sure we stay on schedule for every activity planned. I think Caley had the Nana Camp booklet memorized. She knew exactly what time and what activity we would be doing for every single day. I told Grampy the first three days would be the most hectic for us. Those days are loaded with games and activities. The kids will love them, and Grampy and I will be too pooped to pop by nightfall. It will be worth it, much more worth it than I could ever try and explain to anyone.


Farkle was the first game after we returned from dinner. I let the teens be in charge and it was a little chaotic to say the least. It might have been a tad overload for some. We made up for any dismay in Farkle by starting Bunco. The kids had a blast. Grampy and I survived. The entire game was a hoot with them from start to finish. They enjoyed every minute. Noah won the most wins. Macy won the most big buncos. Joshua won the most little buncos. Caley had the least wins, and Marah won the spoon prize. Grampy actually smiled the entire game. He played like a champ.


It’s 11:00 p.m. and everyone is wide awake and still going strong. Grampy is sitting here in our bedroom laughing his head off listening to a video from The Comedy Barn.


All is well. We are blessed beyond all measure.









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Judy Price said...

You are so blessed and they are blessed to have you and "Grampy"!!! It is so wonderful that you do this every year and they obviously love it and their "Nana"!! You and Caroline seriously have the sweetest children and grandchildren I have ever seen!!! I love you all so much!!! Have fun!! I look forward to reading more "Nana Camp" blogs!!